Using only print, TV, and radio to advertise your business is undoubtedly a thing of the past. In today’s digital age, the battlefield has shifted to include online resources as businesses fight fiercely for their share of online real estate.

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Local SEO

Off-page SEO refers to the actions taken outside your website to improve its standing in β€œsearch engine land.”

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Local SEO

Off page SEO is an ongoing process, competitors build backlinks regularly to stand out among the competition and rank our money keywords in top positions we need monthly off page SEO.

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Local SEO

If you want to boost your Google Ranking to Page 1 with a White Hat Off Page Monthly SEO

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Technical SEO

Continuing the theme of self-explanatory names, technical SEO focuses on the technical aspects of your website. These optimizations tackle the backend of your site, ensuring it meets all the security and user experience requirements.

Technical SEO keeps the following aspects in check:

β€’ Page speed
β€’ Site architecture and structure
β€’ Crawlability
β€’ Indexability
β€’ Responsive web design
β€’ Schema markup

Local SEO

Our general SEO services include optimizing for international markets (international SEO), aiming to amplify your reach and organic presence as much as possible. However, if you sell your products or provide services locally, chances are you have no need for international SEO. You will want to focus on the local audience only.
Technical SEO keeps the following aspects in check:

β€’ Targeting local keywords
β€’ Acquiring backlinks from locally relevant sources
β€’ Setting up and optimizing a Google Business Profile
β€’ Including your business in local directories
β€’ Increasing NAP (name, address, and phone number) citations

Content Marketing

Best SEO companies take a holistic approach to digital marketing, and our SEO marketing company is no different. Although not an SEO service per se, content marketing and SEO efforts are inseparable.

For this reason, our SEO company also offers professional content-producing services. With years of hands-on experience in numerous niche industries, our writers know how to produce content that ranks and receives high-quality backlinks.

We aim to cover different types of content, seen below, based on their benefits for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Many experienced SEO providers like NEWMEDIA use social media to their advantage.

Social media channels might not have a direct impact on SEO. However, they’re an incredible tool for content promotion and building solid relationships that can lead to link-building opportunities.

And of course, social media is essential for growing your business and staying relevant in today’s dynamic digital landscape, so consider this a win-win situation.